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Can two regular people, working in their garage, rival the best car shows in the world? Some say hell no. Some say hell yes. We say hell maybe.

With your help, we can. Right now we're building a kit car called an Exocet slowly and often incorrectly. Hence the name: Crossthreaded.

We get a lot of help with editing and graphics from Beau Hall. Thanks, Beau.

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Crossthreaded Podcast

We think there's a lot of room for automotive content that is inclusive, community supported, and doesn't pretend that $40,000 USD for a car is "inexpensive."

We'll discuss automotive news, motor racing, our projects, plus invite great guests from around the car world to chat.

For more on our podcast mission statement, check out episode 1 here, but otherwise dive right anywhere!

If you like what we're up to, we'd love to have your support on Patreon.

With a budget, be able to rent better cameras, lights, and even bring in some pros to help make our show as fun as possible.

In return for your support, we're offering stuff like merchandise, your name in the credits, and supporter-only Google hangouts with us. We'll chat about car news, what's going on with our car work, plus your projects.

You can find more information here. Thank you!

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